The Block Party

I went to see the Dave Chapelle’s Block Party last night.

I didn’t want to waste a night at home when I didn’t have my kids so I got dressed and took myself to Aventura to see it. When I got to the movies I noticed that there wasn’t a lot of traffic and I didn’t have a problem with parking.

I have never gone to see a movie on opening night before but I found this to be a bit strange. I bought my ticket an hour in advance and then walked around the mall feeling a little weird. Um…when you go out to the movies by yourself, it doesn’t feel empowering, it feels kind of lonely. You have no one to talk to while you wait for the movie to start and once it’s done you have no one to talk to about the highs and lows of the movie.

But I’ll do it again. I’d rather go by myself than wait for some guy or chick to agree to go with me.

The theatre was not packed. In fact, I went in early thinking there was going to be a mad rush for seats. I was able to sit in my favorite seat, right in the middle of the theatre. When I sit in my favorite spot I feel as though I’m balancing the screen on my lap for the PERFECT view. The theatre started filling up after the movie started. It was a mixed crowd, half black and half white. I sat next to a group of guys who were talking about women as the movie started.

These were extremely cute white guys who looked like they belonged on the set of a college movie. One guy was upset that he couldn’t see his girlfriend. He was busy texting her on his phone while his friends laughed at him.

“She’s busy with her Mom man and she can’t get away but I don’t believe she expects me to stay in and wait for her.”
His friends all laugh and then one of them adds, “Tell her to choose between you and her Mom.”
The first guy responds, “Are you crazy?! I wouldn’t say that.”

As you can tell, I’m nibbling on my nachos and eavesdropping like a mutha.

“Why not?” his friend asks. “Let me tell you. All girls want the assholes. If you’re too nice to her, she won’t like you. And then when they get older they all want good guys but it’s gonna be too late because they’re already taken.”

Wow. I hear women say that all the time. I had no idea men felt this way too.

The previews started and there were some funny ones in there like a new movie from the Wayans Brothers. They are so stupid! LOL!

Then a preview for a movie about the ultimate bank robbery came on. The entire audience was intrigued as Denzel Washington was showcased as the movie’s lead through a seemingly predictable storyline. But as soon as the director’s name flashed across the screen, I could hear a collective gasp and I’m sure the thoughts running through their heads was the same as mine.

Directed By: Spike Lee


Spike Lee got a new movie?! Oh, I GOT to go see that. That’s my boy!

On to the movie.

Dave Chapelle’s Block Party is not what you think it is. It’s not a MOVIE with a plot and characters and a beginning, middle and end. It’s more like a documentary of Chapelle as he prepares to host a musical concert. He doesn’t do a stand-up set but he throws in a couple of one-liners here and there like:

“How many white people does it take to screw in a lightbulb?”
I don’t know. How many?
“None, cuz they’d get a nigga to do it!”

I think Dave Chapelle got all the artists I like the most and put them on one stage together. It’s like he climbed inside my brain and picked the most intriguing artists in Hip Hop. You know I had a FIT when the super sexy, mega dreamy, damn that man’s line-up ALWAYS be on point–Kanye West performed first. ~shakes head~

I have no words for this man’s energy.

Talib Kweli performed with everyone. Mos Def’s fine behind was definately a highlight. Not only is his voice and his lyrics captivating, he has the looks of a superstar; chiseled arms, alluring eyes and a hypnotic smile. Brotha is FINE!

Georgeous music man Common performed as well as John Legend, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, The Roots and Big Daddy Kane. While watching the movie I felt as though I was actually at the concert! Other audience members must have felt the same way because I could see them on the edges of their seats bouncing and throwing up their fists and reciting lyrics along with the artists. It was quite moving.

The backdrop to the concert was the famous city of Brooklyn, New York. They filmed next to a daycare center, the same center that Biggie used to attend when he was a baby.

Brooklyn, New York. I have a friend that lives there. I’m telling you Brooklyn looks so different from Miami. They have brownstones there. Like the Cosby show. The Black people seem to have a different flava there. Their vibe is totally different from the people down here in Miami. I really have to get up there and see for myself.

Dave reported that there were 5,000 Black people at his concert and about 19 white people peppered into the crowd.

I watched as a few of the audience members left the movie early. I could understand why. It wasn’t a real MOVIE, so if you left it wasn’t like you were gonna miss the grand finale.

They had no idea, they did. Don’t leave this movie early or you’ll miss the REAL Fugees Reunion.

Wyclef entered the stage first and did a number getting the crowd so hyped. Then he introduced Miss Lauryn Hill who came out to thunderous applause. Chick looked amazing as usual. That woman.

That woman.

I believe that women is the most beautiful woman in entertainment.

Lauryn Hill is the ultimate celebration of the beauty of the Black woman. Every physical feature, every breathe, every struggle, every gift- all point to the magic make-up of God’s greatest creation, the majestic Black woman.

Prazwell admitted to having tears in his eyes when he watched Lauryn perform, ‘Killing me Softly’. Remember that?

Do you REMEMBER when her album came out?

Do you REMEMBER how every song made you feel?

Do you REMEMBER instantly recognizing it as a classic?

Do you REMEMBER feeling proud that you were in the same age group as someone so magnificent?

As she performed ‘Killing Me Softly’, I couldn’t help but cry. I miss her. I miss her essence, I miss her presence, I miss her voice.

The perfect ending to the perfect concert. This movie inspired me to do my thang regardless of how people may perceive me. Every artist that represented on that stage were there, not because they won a contest, not because they are the mirror image of the Western World’s ideal of beauty.

They were there because their talent could NOT be denied!


I may be a lil crazy, but f**it. I have a gift that I need to present to this world and I won’t have peace until it’s out there.