Blessed Guidance

I’ve had 2 mentors in my life.

The first one I met at my first job at the Engineering Firm. The second one was my boss at the TV station I worked for while I was in college. She’s now the CEO of PBS in Texas (GO GIRL!) I gotta email her and say wuzzup..

I think that I am so responsive to mentors because I crave direction and correction. I feel like I’m all over the place. I have so many ideas and so many talents and no one to make me focus and point out my inconsistencies. Well, I have people who point out my inconsistencies but they aren’t even as far into their careers as I am so it’s kinda hard to look up to someone who is still fumbling like you are.

I want a mentor dammit! I want someone who I can look up to and emulate. A LIVE person who is doing big thangs and wants to help a sista do big thangs too! I want a big sister to tell me right from wrong and a professional who is spiritually strong who will encourage me in my career choices, hook me up with her CEO friends and clap for me during my successes.

I’ve always felt like I was winging it with no guidance, all my life. Every goal I’ve achieved has been because I WANTED TO. No one encouraged me or showed me the way.

I’m always wondering if I’m saying the right thing or behaving in the right manner. I wonder if my presence projects the image I want it to.

Man, it’s tough paving the way.

But I promise that some very blessed young woman won’t have to do the guess work that I had to do. Whoever enters into my life will reap all of the benefits of my bumps and bruises. I will give away my knowledge freely.

I will become the woman that I always wanted to mentor me.