Beautiful Weekend

Sorry for the delay but tonight’s event has taken up all of my time. I am so tired when I get home that I can barely think straight. But I’ve been working on this story about last weekend and I finally finished it. Enjoy! And wish me luck tonight as I enjoy my first cocktail party on Star Island.

I had a beautiful weekend. Well, besides the fact that I was sick for two days and slept both Saturday and Sunday away, I still had fun.

What made my weekend so special was the fact that my bestfriend Tamara came into town and we celebrated her 26th birthday. This chick is the kinda friend that the mere anticipation of being with them is a joy all in itself.

I love my friends. They are so special and I feel special being around them. ~weeping~ I’m emotional. LOL!

So Tamara calls me at my office while she’s on the road to Miami and we tell each other about the April Fool’s jokes that we are playing on people and people are playing on us. April 1st is also her birthday.

“My baby daddy got me,” she says. “He called me asking about our daughter and our trip down. I tell him that she’s fine. He says he has something to tell me. That I need to go get checked. I’m like, why? He pauses and says, Cuz I got something. I asked him, What you got? He said… I got HIV nigga! April Fool!”

I’m rolling! His doofy behind.

So Tamara had already mentioned to me that she wanted to go to Club Bed to celebrate her birthday. I rolled my eyes and ignored her hoping she’d change her mind. I’m getting so tired of South Beach and that crowd.

But at 10:00 pm I was dressed and looking delicious. Before I step out the door I call her and ask if she’s ready. You know I want to be there as soon as the doors open so we won’t have to wait in line. Ugh…she’s not ready. “I just finished my hair, Tee. I’m sorry. You can come over and chill. Paula’s on her way.”

Not! “Dude, call me when you’re ready. I’m taking off my clothes.”

I take off my clothes and put on a t-shirt and log on to catch up on some blogs and chat. I’m really enjoying myself and I cringe when my phone rings and I see it’s Tamara. “Hey girl, why aren’t you here yet? Paula’s already here.” “I’ll be there in a minute,” I tell her and finish up my IM conversation.

I get dressed again and I’m already annoyed because I know we’re gonna have to wait in line at Club Bed and I am not looking forward to that. I cruise to her place, hop in her truck and we all cruise to South Beach, park and stroll the 6 blocks to Club Bed.

When we approach we can see a crowd of about 50 people had already gathered in the front. It’s not a line, it’s a crowd. Now if you remember, the last time I went there I was there as soon as the door opened so I just walked in… not this time.

Now I had heard about how exclusive this place was but I never dreamt how I would feel standing out on the sidewalk hoping that this bouncer would choose me to get in. And the worst part is, as you’re standing there behind the velvet rope, watching all the cool people waltz right in, you are staring at this huge mirror and looking at yourself as if the mirror is there to remind you just WHY you are in line and not in the club.

Can you believe we stood there in line for an hour and a half? Yep! And don’t think we’re ugly chicks. No one in our crew is ugly by a long shot. In fact, I was probably the least attractive person in our little group. I guess we just weren’t South Beach enough.

I was ready to go. Tamara was determined to get in. I was pissed. There are a million other clubs on the same street but no, Tamara wanted to go to THIS one. I walked away from the line and stood by the street watching the parade of cars cruise by and wondering just who was inside the stretch limos and hummers.

I remembered the last time I had been to South Beach, just two weeks before. Tamara came down for her friend Mischa’s birthday and I went out with her to meet them. Mischa is cool with me too. We went to this club called The State, where Russell Simmons was throwing a party. It was my first celebrity party and I didn’t recognize a damn person. While we were waiting for a friend of Ruby’s to meet us, we looked into the VIP line and we all looked really hard, then looked at each other. That chick looks JUST like Solange. That IS Solange! When we walked in she was standing there on her cell phone and a few minutes later she came walking in with her husband. Some guy named DJ Clue was on the turntables. Some guy named JButton or JBuddah was there. He sings Pump it Up. I had no idea who the hell he was but my friends were trying to point him out to me. They said Redman was there. We saw Noriega outside the club. I didn’t recognize him either. So, who knows who else was in that place. They were all just a bunch of men in jerseys to me.

Back to reality~ Anyway, so we’re still standing outside of Club Bed and I’m reminiscing and I’m hoping for a celebrity that I can recognize, like LL ~drool~. When Tamara comes up to me and says her friend is on his way and he will get us in with him.

The guy shows up and I’m like, hey. Not used to being around NFL players but Tamara is. He actually gets us into the club in about five minutes and we can finally enjoy the evening.

We had so much fun! I’m glad we didn’t go home. Shots all around; Tequila for me. Crown for Tamara and Vodka for Paula. We raise our shot glasses and scream: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And 3 gulps later we’re slamming our glasses on the bar.

Let’s dance!

Before we even find a spot on the dance floor Tamara points out a guy she thinks is fine. She knows how I work. I walk up to the guy and whisper in his ear, “Hey, it’s my friend’s birthday. She’s 26. Will you give her a hug and wish her a happy birthday?”

He looks at Tamara and smiles, “Ofcourse.”

He walks over and give her a big bear hug and I’m standing there melting. Dude is soo fine! Imagine that the FINEST man in the place walks up to you and gives you a slow, sweet hug. I thought I would faint.

When he walked away Tamara came over to me and screamed and shook me. “Damn dawg,” she said. “That was the BEST birthday present EVER!”

All I could do was agree. I was feeling her for real. “Just remember my birthday is July 2nd.” I told her.

For the rest of the night we danced and had an excellent time and any man that I saw who I thought was fine, I would send him over to give Tamara a hug.

After a few hours I was tired so I found a spot on a bed so I could lie down as Tamara said goodbye to her friends. We finally walked out and found a pizza place and as they got some pizza we ran into Tamara’s highschool sweetheart, the adorable Kent.

Oooh, He has a girlfriend. Why is he down here looking for Tamara? ~grins~
That man is still in love. LOL! Errybody loves Tamara. We’re sitting up there outside the pizza place and men are trying to holla at Tamara and this GIRL walks up to Tamara and gives her a rose, telling her, “You are so hot.”

I’m cracking up! Tamara is not the least bit gay or bi-curious in fact she’s totally against the lifestyle so this was a funny exchange.

We’re hanging with her ex and his friends while we’re sitting outside the parlor in lounge chairs and running into people we haven’t seen in years. Chicks from highschool, guys from college. Other guys come by to mess with us and try to holla. You know how it goes. There is this one guy who came out of the pizza place to sweep up but he ended up being our entertainment for the evening.

There he was standing with his broom when he sees a hat that sorta looked like a crown that someone made out of palm tree leaves. It was just sitting in a chair. He picks up the crown and asks, “Who was out here? Jesus?”

We’re LAUGHING and LAUGING! My cheeks hurt from laughing at him and the rest of the guys who decide to hang with us. There are some comedians on South Beach. One guy said for Tamara’s birthday, he would give her some head. “They call me Pac Man! I eat it up!”

I’m rolling! LMAO! And they don’t stop.

At one point me and one guy are having a contest to see who can speak the most Spanish. The Spanish people nearby are cracking up as we stand in each other’s face stringing together all of the Spanish words that we can remember in an attempt to make a sentence.

I’m reciting old Spanish poems that I had to learn in highschool. I’m taking it wayyyy back to, “Donde esta la biblioteca CHICO!”

And we’re grilling each other like we’re about to fight. LMAO!

Those guys walk us part way to our garage with Tamara and Paula cursing them out the entire time trying to get them to leave us alone. I thought they were funny.

Ofcourse we go into the parking garage and we get lost. The entire time I’m telling them that this is the WRONG garage and they keep telling me that I’m drunk and I don’t know what I’m talking about. Yes, I do! Cuz I remembered that we had parked in the SAME garage that Sylvia and I parked in when we were stuck on South Beach. They wouldn’t listen to me (and I was RIGHT) and we ended up leaving the garage after 5:30 and had to pay an extra fee.

Man, by the time we head back to North Miami I am so tired. We pull up in front of Tamara’s house and I can’t believe my eyes.

“Tamara,” I say with a puzzled look on my face. “Why is the sky light blue?” I am so confused.

“Girl, it’s light blue because the sun came up.”


“Yeah,” she says as she puts her car in park. “Now that’s what you call hanging out.”

I blink and jump out of the truck and hop into my car.

Later chick.

I really love my friend. I hope she moves to Miami soon.

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