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It’s funny how last week I detailed my job search routine and the very day I shared with you was the day I received THE CALL.

After my extensive phone interview I was asked to come in for an interview. My experience and skills were a perfect match for the position of Executive Assistant to the CEO at a major Healthcare foundation here in Miami.

I was nervous, not because my skills were inadeqate, but because I knew that my orange afro was not the least bit professional. LOL!

I went into my interview with the excitement that I always have when people are asking me about my character, my goals and my hope for the future. I rocked that interview with the CEO. The most interesting question he asked me was, “How would you feel if I came to you and suggested that you, uh, I don’t know, maybe tone down your hair? I mean, you look great, yes you do, but if I were to make that suggestion would you be offended?”

I smiled. “If you came to me with a heart of seeing me operate in the most professional manner and represent this company to the best of my ability I would definately consider your suggestion.”

After I met with him, I was bum rushed by all of the other managing officers for quick interviews and they indicated that the CEO had spoken very highly of me and was excited about my potential.

I was given a writing test and a personality test which indicated that I am a High “I” which means that I have an inspirational personality.

Three hours later I was done and feeling very confident about the position.

The next day I received a call from them to come in on Friday afternoon for another meeting with the CEO. I smiled and nodded, “I got this!” I thought.

In preparation for this meeting I decided to go ahead and change my hair color. I chose a dark brown to drown out my orange hair. It came out okay.

Friday morning I was at a doctors appointment with my son when the CEO’s current assistant called me and asked me to come in earlier for the meeting.

I went and everyone in the office crowded around me gasping at my “new look”. “You look georgeous,” they all said. I was surprised at their reaction. I just combed my hair a little differently but I guess the color made all the difference.

The current assistant, Michelle, came to me and said that the CEO was not in the office and that I would be meeting with someone else. Hmmm? What the…? What was going on?

The Director of Development came out to greet me. I had met with her at my previous interview and I knew she liked me but I had no idea what she could want with me.

We went into her office and she said, “I’m not sure if you know that there are two positions open. The first is the position you applied for as Rolando’s assistant, but the second is as my assistant. Rolando has not made up his mind about who he wants for his assistant. He has two terrific candidates and you are one of them. So when he told me that he was having a hard time deciding I suggested to him that you would be a great candidate for my assistant because of your outgoing personality. I think you would be a better match for me.”

I was stunned. And a little dissappointed. My mind was set on the CEO’s assistant position because I realized the weight it would carry on my resume, not to mention the ridiculously high salary it commands.

She went on to describe the duties of her assistant and indeed, she was correct. It was well suited to my experience and I would get to do a lot of things that I love like website content development, writing newsletters, brochures and event planning. The foundation raises money for one of the major Hospitals in Miami. They throw events and galas and get wealthy people to donate millions to the hospital. One of my duties would be to lead a group of about 200 affluent women who use their time and wealth for charity. The next event for this group is called The Escada Affair, where the designer lable will be hosting a charity event which will include a runway show and luncheon for the members. Yeah, pretty ritzy stuff.

She continued to speak to me and my heart calmed a little. In my head I had planned out all of the things that I could do as a result of having the Assistant to the CEO’s position but this was a wrench in my plans.

She offered me the position, we negotiated a salary that is higher than I have ever made before and I left the office a little confused.

Instead of jumping up and down because I had a job that would allow me to take care of my sons and accomplish my short term goals, I was so focused about having my plans altered that I couldn’t rejoice.

The Word says, “Your plans are not my plans. Your ways are not my ways.” I could sit and plan all day as to how I want my life to turn out, but in the end it’s not my choice. In my mind I could fantasize about the path I should take to enter into God’s purpose in my life, but ultimately it has all been laid out for me and I should rejoice when things don’t go my way because God sets the ultimate plan.

So no, I didn’t get the job that I had been hoping for. Instead I have another position that suits my talents much better and will provide enough for me to take care of my family.

I now looked at my failed plan as an indication that I have an even bigger blessing on the way.

You can go into a car dealership looking for a Honda but end up driving away in a Lexus. Are you going to be upset about not getting your Honda?

Go ahead, make your plans and go after them, but realize that failed plans often leads the way to receiving your destiny.

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