Allow me

Who am I but a tiny ant in an ant farm

God holds the glass case

Glancing my way, checking up on me

See, although I can not fathom His greatness

I can feel His presence

I can feel His passion welling up in me

Yet day by day I fulfill my mundane tasks

Inside my spirit cries to break free and be

What He intended for me to be

I’m climbing this hill

Carrying this load

I see the world around me plus the weight of my soul

My past mistakes lead to super responsibility

And I carry these daily

Mentally and physically

All I want is once chance

One chance

To do my thang

Open myself up

Let u see, what’s in me

To heal you and me


You feel me

As much as I am down for Him

As much as I was cleansed from sin

As much as I invite you in

I still can’t stop this fight within

To dare to dream and dream again

That one day


Will write

Change your life

Make you smile

With these keys

Can I please

Share my world

Share my love

Become one with you


Simple words

On a screen

I see you in me

Be one with me

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