Life is good. I graduated a week ago. I’ve had the whole house to myself since my sons have been in Miami and I’ve been chillin. Straight chillin. Ha, ha! You have no idea how free I’ve been! I can go to Walmart whenever I want. I’ve taken my graduation money and treated myself to dinner, some new clothes and shoes and the ultimate luxury; CABLE! YAY!

Over 60 channels, BET, Lifetime, commercials, Golden Girls… I dont know what to do with myself.

Ahh…My boys come home tomorrow and I havent even missed them until just now. I’m putting away this delicious gumbo I made tonight and singing their songs:

For Sai: Hey Cutie Pie, I love my cutie Pie, I love my cute boys. I love my pride and joys. My Sugarbear is GREAT! He is so great, he’s GREAT! YAY!

For Solomon: Where’s my little Shoopa, my little Santi-Wantie, My little coo-coo pop, My little Shoo-shoo.

I just want to hug them and kiss them and tickle them and throw them on the bed. Ha, ha…

I feel good. I forgave myself for my wilding out after I graduated.

I dont have a job yet and I’m not stressing it. I’ll give myself one month before I take some random job. Until January is over, I’ll relax, pray hard and look for a job that I will enjoy doing.

I’m about to begin a brand new year. Hmm…2003 was off the chain. Growth spiritually, I graduated, a lot of healing. A confirming word about staying here in Gainesville, and best of all, peace, knowing God loves me, my kids love me and my mama is so proud of me.

Catch ya later.

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