2010 Happy New Year


It’s been a while. While I’m waiting for my car to be looked at, there is a nice quiet computer lab here so I’ll try to tell a few stories.

I miss yall. I miss my laptop. I havent really put much effort into getting it fixed because I’ve been doing other things with my Red Lobster tips. Work has been going fine. I’m getting better everyday but I’m falling in love faster than I can imagine. I love serving. Its like being on a stage, all eyes on me, I am in control of my customer’s experience. I love it!

Christmas was okay. I was unable to buy my boys gifts this year because my car got stuck in the weird ass floods and I had to put money into that but…it’s all good. They still smile everytime they see me.

It’s cold as hell right now. I’m freezing every night, with no warm body to warm me or heater to help me be more comfy at night. But its still all good. Everything is all good actually. I can’t think of one thing to complain about…

Tamara is doing well. Her son’s father just left for the army so she’s a little nervous about having to take care of both of her kids full time now. They used to split time with their son and now he’s gone so it’s all on her now. I know she can do it, I hope she does.

Sylvia is all caught up in nursing school. She trips me out the way she freaks out before each test knowing she’s a scholar. sometimes I think she LIKES to worry cuz she always comes out doing well. She met a guy that she kinda liked but through the process of being facebook friends, she saw some things she didn’t like and cut him off. LOL. I hope she finds what she is looking for…cuz watching my friends date really gets to me. I don’t wanna do it.

Guess what? My kids told me that their Dad and his girl (Hyper Chick) broke up. What? she went and got her own place with her baby. I feel sad for him for some reason. I don’t want him to be lonely and sad. I actually thought they were perfect for each other.

Ruby moved to Memphis and is enjoying the dating scene there. Ruby is a pro at the bachelorette lifestyle but sometimes I think she wants more. She says she doesnt so I have to believe her.

Oh…Kim is still in Chicago. She celebrated a 1 year anniversary of her marriage and is a couple of months away from having her first baby, a girl. She’s naming her Maya.

Mimi is still in Atlanta taking care of her son and planning for her future. I saw her over Xmas break and we got to hang out. I miss her and love her so much.

I’ll do seperate posts for the rest of the stories I have to tell…

Just wanted to say…HAPPY NEW YEAR!

(pray I get a new laptop soon so I can get back to writing).

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