My life is a miracle but…

I don’t think Snoop’s new show is gonna be a hit.

It seemed kind of staged to me and I was so excited to watch it because I love Snoop. Oh well..

It seems as though several women in my life are having great luck with men lately. It’s all I hear about during our conversations. They are all blown away that the drought is over.

Tamara can’t stop talking about it in amazement. “Tee,” she said. “Seriously. You know how in your mind you imagine this guy that you would always want but you don’t really believe he exists?”

I raised my eyebrow and stared at the phone. A Fantasy man? Uh..yeah. I think I’ve been there before.

“Girl, imagine having him right in front of you? That’s how I feel. This man is ALL THAT girl!”

I laughed at her.

Even Kim has joined in the fun. She has a little boyfriend now.

I am quite shocked by this, but my feelings are turning to excitement because she says he treats her just the way she NEEDS to be treated. He shows her off. He takes great care of her. “He’s very consistent,” she said. “I love that about him.”

Now I know that I set a goal for myself for manifesting my soulmate by New Year’s Eve. I figured that if I believed that he does exist and I showed absolute faith then he would show up. But as I learned to appreciate my current situation, I started to feel as though I don’t really need a man in my life because I’m happy right now.

So that gave me peace and I let go of the anxiousness about believing he will show up by New Years like I asked God.

So that’s where I am now. I’m a little scared though cuz…I already asked for him…what if dude shows up anyway? LOL!

I was talking to Tamara tonight after her weekend trip to see her Pretty Boy and she asked me about the status of the different men that I have in my life.

I like this about him…but I don’t like that…

He’s so fine..but…we don’t have that chemistry like I know should be there.

“I think I equate love with spoiling me,” I told her. “I just want someone who thinks spending money is no object when it comes to me.” These dudes I keep meeting are always on a budget and shit.

I want him to adorn me with all these beautiful things and thoughtful gifts. I think I get that from my Mama. Her husband SPOILS her. She doesn’t even have to think twice about anything she wants. She only mentions it in passing and the next day or so, he presents it to her. She doesn’t cook or clean. He does all that.

“He takes such good care of me,” my Mama always brags.

I want some of THAT action!

I don’t care if I had a JILLION GAZILLION dollars in the bank I want my man to SPOIL ME anyway. It’s not even about the price of the gift. It’s really about having someone who cares enough to take ACTION to make sure that you are comfortable and pleased at all times.

It’s called being THOUGHTFUL.

Damn…people think I’m a gold digger. But I’m really not. I just don’t want some man who complains about spending money like it’s the last dollar he’ll ever have. What a defeated mentality. It’s as though he doesn’t understand the real source of his income. It’s not him, it’s God’s provision. It’s really infinite, money is meant to be SPENT.

Just..make my comfort and pleasure your priority and…you won’t EVER have to want for anything.

In fact…you’ll find that I’m doing the same for you.

I’ll never say No to you about anything if you treat me like that….and that’s a promise.

And if I never meet a man who does that then I’ll stay single because…guess what? I’m already happy with the way things are.

Manifestation Alert- The Magic Pill

My life is (most definitely) a miracle.

Ok, so last week I thought I had a yeast infection because I just didn’t feel right down there. I’ve only had it ONCE before and I freaked out because I didn’t know what was going on.

So I said to myself, “Man. I know they have a one shot pill that will knock this out if I do have it. I don’t have a doctor to get a prescription though. I wonder where I will get it from?”

Then I forgot about it because things got back to normal.

Last night Tamara called me and said, “Girl, why did I just find a pill for yeast infection in my son’s baby bag?”


“It must belong to my son’s father’s girlfriend. Should I ask him if she needs it back?”

I laughed and laughed.

Today I woke up and realized- WOW that pill was for me!

I emailed Tamara with the news.

Tamara I think I caused her yeast infection…

I manifested some yeast infection medication.

That’s a trip!

Life’s Treasures

My life is a miracle.

Even on the days when it doesn’t feel like it.

I am truly grateful to be alive and healthy and moving forward with my life. Fuck all the stuff that it looks like I don’t have. I have everything I need and MORE.

I went to see my boys tonight. I just had to have a hug.

Sometimes the cravings come like hunger pains and I just have to go see them and squeeze them tightly as I listen to them tell stories about school and their Daddy and his girlfriend. That chick has really latched on to the motherhood role. I bet it’s so fun for her to play Mommy. I wonder if she’ll ever have children of her own or if she wants them. I can’t believe she and my BBDD haven’t had any children yet. They’ve been together forever. I guess they are doing things the right way.

As I drove home after hugging my boys I had to fight to maintain my positive vibration. “Look,” I told myself. “In 20 years none of this will matter. All that will matter to your boys is that you made the best out of your life and you always loved them.”

You want to know what my “happy thought” is?

Whenever I feel sad or my vibration is headed south, I always think of the way it feels to hug my sons. They are MY SONS. No one can claim them but me! They came out of MY BODY!

That’s the greatest feeling in the world. It’s way better than a massage or an orgasm.

My boys are going to be so proud of me when it’s all said and done.

I’m 28 years old. Still growing.

This year is winding down.

The Christmas Carols are playing all over the radio, the houses are all decorated with bright lights and multi-colored bulbs. But of course, this IS Miami, so all of the trees are still bright green and the temperature averages about 80 degrees during the day but…that’s what Christmas is like around here.

I’ve bought presents for my sons with the money I saved from the articles I have been getting published.

I see even more bright days ahead for my family.

I’m not just asking God for great blessings for myself, I’m asking for great blessings for my parents, my brother and sister, my friends and my children’s father.

It’s funny that when I pray I ask for a miracle that would make me fall over crying with joy. That makes me laugh when I picture myself on the ground crying in disbelief that all of my dreams have come true. I’m so dramatic!

I thank God for allowing me to grow at the right pace and in the right direction and I truly believe that everything is unfolding just as it should.

No worries. Just peace. Just me…walking out my journey and enjoying the life I was blessed with.

Life really is a gift. Treasure it in every moment.

Wish Without Worrying

My life is a miracle.

I can see it everyday.

The phrase on my heart lately has been, “Wish without worrying.” It comes from the book, The Game of Life by Florence Scovel Shinn. On the real, I’ve prayed that God would give me a faith like hers.

This woman’s books transformed minds and lives and people called her a miracle worker. She would travel and hold workshops teaching people how to use affirmations to change their lives. Now that I’ve studied the law of attraction I can see that her teachings line up directly with this law, except she has a more biblical base to her teachings. She calls Jesus Christ, the greatest of all metaphysicians because he used his words to heal, bless and change lives.

As he spoke it, so it was.

That is what she teaches. Our words are important but now that I have learned more I understand that the emotions behind our words are even more powerful. Our thoughts become words, our words are an indication of our emotions and our emotions dictate our perception of our reality, which directly affects our experiences.

Look at how Jesus lived. At one point he was barely a teenager sharing his wisdom with elders. What gave him the authority to teach? His faith that he was a knowledgeable teacher and he had an important message to share. What if he had doubted his ability?

What gave him the authority to heal and bless others? It was the fact that he KNEW that he was the son of God and as a child of the Creator, he was entitled to all of the giftings of his father. What if he had no idea who he was in relation to our Creator?

Why don’t we all walk in this same power? Simply because we don’t recognize our birthright. We are ALL sons and daughters of God. We are all blessed with the same abilities to speak what we want into existence. But as children we weren’t taught that. We were taught that the world has power over us and we have to conform to its wims and play the victim to our circumstances.

As I study and practice the theories behind the law of attraction I have noticed a pattern in my circumstances. Those things that I wish for without worrying about them, manifest quickly whle those things I am doubtful about or anxious about take longer to happen.

As soon as I have a desire for something, the request for it is already made and sent up to the heavens above. Since the Bible teaches”ask and it is given” that means that what I want is on its way.

I block the delivery of my desire by becoming fearful that I will have it. It’s my lack of trust that keeps what I want away from me.

Recently I have been working on a big project that does not solely involve my own efforts. I was so anxious about it as I sought help from others, wondering if they would help me. Nothing materialized. So last night I said to myself, “You know what? If God wants me to have this, then it will happen, but if not, oh well. Something better will come along.”

I really meant it too.

I let go of my desire and focused on other things in my life, spending time fantasizing about my glorious future. This morning when I woke up and checked my email, every single person that I needed to help me had responded, confirming that they would be able to support me in the way that I needed. I almost started crying, with my emotional self. I just stood up and looked at the ceiling and thanked God.

Can you define a desire for something in your life and then relax knowing that it is on the way? Even better, can you define a desire for something in your life and then have peace knowing that if it never comes, your life will still be okay?

I think that was the most powerful lesson I learned during my studies.

We want so much to happen in our lives and we figure that if this thing happened, we’d be happier and more fulfilled. So we worry ourselves to death about it and are ungrateful for our present situation.

I’ve learned that life is not really about attaining our goals; it’s about the journey. If we have enough faith to believe that we will reach that desired end, if we know it’s promised to us, then we’d have more joy during the process of getting there.

We wouldn’t freak out during those times when we are faced with change and uncertainty. the uncertainty brings with a promise of new direction. The direction is ALWAYS pointed toward where you really want to be.

You lost your job? YAY! This signals a new level in your life, you are one step closer to where you really want to be.

Your girlfriend cheats on you and leaves you? Yay! This happened because your TRUE life companion is around the corner and you needed to be available in order to meet her.

Every single thing that happens in your life, happens because it pushes you toward your greater destiny. How could you be sad about that?

If you have a desire that is on your heart, trust that it will come to pass. Really KNOW that whatever you want to happen, will. In the meantime, between your asking and your receiving, you can experience the joy of having it simply because you already KNOW that it is coming.

When I asked myself, “Could I be happy if everything I asked for, never happened?” My reply was Yes.


Because I realize that my circumstances don’t dictate my happiness. It’s my choice to be happy where I am. It’s my choice to be grateful for the journey to where I want to be.

When I wish without worrying, I always receive what I ask for.

Ask you Father for what you want and trust that He will deliver everything you ever wanted and more. He honors your faith. He delights in your trust.

Your Creator is not like your earthly father. Don’t compare the two, God will never dissappoint you. I believe He delights in pleasing you more than you will ever know. When you doubt His ability to move you from glory to glory, you block the flow of blessings that are promised to you.

Wish without worrying and see everything you wish for delivered.

That’s a promise.

We Always Get What We Want

My life is a miracle.

I always get what I want, even if I don’t recognize that I want it.

I remember the day my friend Kenya made a very profound statement. I was outside my apartment in Dallas, sitting on the curb talking on my cell phone with her telling her that I had just left my job.

“Ultimately,” she said. “We always get what we want.”


“Yeah, I felt the same way when my friend said it to me,” she said. “I was about to start going down a laundry list of things that I didn’t have when I realized..Wow. She’s right. I do get what I want. I didn’t really want to be working and I got fired. I got what I wanted.”

We always get what we want.

That’s an amazing theory to consider. My studies support it too because what we are paying close attention to is a signal to God that we want more of that. If we sit and imagine that our worst fears will come true we are saying, “This is what I want to happen.”

There is a particular situation that I can’t help but imagine struggling to get through. I’ll allow a whole blown out fantasy to play out in my mind before I realize I’m doing it and stop myself.

I don’t want that. I want THIS.

Well, if I don’t want THAT, then I have to stop imagining THAT. I have to start imagining THIS because I’m going to receive exactly what my mind focuses on.

There are a lot of people who can’t even define what they want, all they know is they want something better than what they have. I used to think that they will never be able to recognize the “better” when it comes along until they know exactly what they want, but I’ve changed my mind.

The “something better” that they want, isn’t a physical thing or circumstance. The “something better” that they want is really a better FEELING about where they are.

So now I say, if you want better, FEEL better.

“But I can’t FEEL better until things become better!” you say.

Well I say, Things will become better when you FEEL better.

“Girl you crazy!” you say. “My life is too jacked up for me to feel better. I have nothing that I want! This is some bull****!”

Calm down. It’s not BS. I don’t gain anything from trying to trick you. I’m only trying to share what worked for me regarding fighting negative thoughts and emotions.

When you choose to feel good…well, it really FEELS good.

How do you feel good when you don’t have what you want?

Just…focus on what you DO have. Health, family, the kindness that surrounds you.

Go on a treasure hunt for things to be grateful for. Esther Hicks calls it going on a “Rampage of Appreciation”.

Appreciate yourself for making it this far without killing someone else, losing yourself in depression or giving up. More than any other accomplishment, that feat is worthy enough to raise a champagne glass to.

Remember: We always get what we want.

What we want is determined by what we focus on.

Do you want appreciation? Then give some.

Do you want love? Then give some.

I’ve been trying to follow the golden rule for years and I have received the positive return. I realize that I just focused too much on the negativity that it overshadowed the blessings and I wasn’t appreciative of what I got.

Please, just try your best to look for the best in every situation. Focus on that. Live the joy of seeing that.

It’s really your choice. Your imagination, your focus, your attention, all gives a preview of what’s to come for your life.

Now forgive yourself and move forward.

No one hates you.

You are loved.

There is a great future for you but you have to FEEL your way towards it.


If You Want It and You Relax, It Will Happen

My life is a miracle.

Today was a spectacular day, but it had a few bumps which I’ll try not to focus on.

I couldn’t sleep at all last night, I was so caught up in this particular fear that I have. It seems like it’s the only thing holding me back from maintaining complete peace about everything in my life. I won’t even mention what it is because I’ve learned that the more you talk about negative things the more you attract them into your life, plus, I am daring to be different from the masses whose constant conversation is about lack, fear and criticism of others.

But that doesn’t mean in my heart I’m not fearful that this desire won’t come to pass.

While I was up late last night trying to get a grip on my emotions I came across this phrase concerning how the law of attraction works. It read:

If you want it and you relax, it will happen.

I felt tingles all over.

I do want it. I will relax. It will happen in the proper time.

So then I decided to have some fun and practice manifesting. It’s so much fun to do and I’ve seen things I want appear like magic.

My definition of manifesting: Those things that occur as a result of your desire and focus.

So I decided to manifest something simple.

I concentrated and thought, “I want an e-mail to come in right now.”

I focused on that thought for 5 seconds and then I laughed and started reading again.

No lie- 15 seconds later, my email alert chimed.

That shit scared the hell out of me!

“Ok God,” I said to myself as I glanced around into the darkness of the house. “I believe you. This works.”

The other day I thought to myself, “I’d like to receive money in the morning hours this week.”

I let go of the thought and went about my business.

Just yesterday morning I was talking to my aunt as I drove her to work and she says, “Here you go.” and she hands me two folded bills, a whole two days earlier than I was expecting it.


Today was also a crazy day emotionally because when Kim called I heard a male voice in the background. It was her boyfriend.

Wow. Kim has a boyfriend.

That may not be that big of a deal to you but for my friends, it is. We don’t (except for Anna) have “boyfriends” easily. A boyfriend is a big deal because for us it means that this is someone that we are considering being with in a marriage. We don’t really date for fun.

Well, I have been doing that lately but…it’s not the norm.

“I want to speak to him,” I told Kim and she put him on the phone. We chatted easily and I concentrated on feeling his vibe and I liked what I felt. He has a calm spirit and a sweet voice but I think he lacks focus. But since Kim is a motivator like me, I’m sure she’ll get him on the right track soon.

Kim has a boyfriend.

Why does that hurt my heart?

I do want her to be happy and I enjoy all of the stories that she is now sharing about how he treats her like the princess that she is. And Kim is definitely a princess with a capital ‘P’. According to the stories she is telling me, he takes great care of her, is thoughtful, consistent and extremely encouraging.

Maybe I’m a little jealous because she and I used to be each other’s main companion and I rarely speak to her lately. She’s always with him.

I feel left out.

But on the flip side I have a feeling I’ll be so busy in the New Year that I probably won’t even notice.

These days I’m writing stories regularly for a small newspaper in Ft. Lauderdale. The pay is about a hundred dollars a story, but usually I can write them without even moving from the couch so it’s not that difficult.

My reporting skills are good, but the stories aren’t good enough for me to add to my portfolio. I asked my editor for feedback and he told me, “Just because it’s a news story doesn’t mean that you can’t lead with an anecdote.”

Uhh..yeah. I’ve been trying to go so HARD with the facts of the events that I forget to personalize it and make it jazzy which is my usual style of writing. I must not be that bad because he keeps assigning me stories. This Friday I will finally go visit the office and meet the staff, one of which, the designer, used to work with me back when I was at the PR firm. I loved her and always said that if I ever worked for a print publication, I’d try to pull her on my team.

She’s a winner! She has a winning attitude and great design skills. I look forward to seeing her again.

Speaking of winners…

My sons showed me so much love tonight. I picked them up from school and we picked up some pizza to celebrate their grandaddy’s birthday, which is today. He was so happy to see them. I can tell he enjoyed his birthday. He was so happy he even hugged ME. I was shocked.

And when I came home after dropping the boys back to their Dad’s house, my Mama even hugged me and told me, “Thank you for making this a great birthday for your Dad.”

I froze as I stood at the kitchen sink, my hands immersed in the dish water.

“Mama! I manifested this!” I said.

She rolled her eyes and asked, “Manifested what, Tee?”

Today while I was driving back from taking my aunt to work, I set an intention. “I want to receive appreciation from someone today,” I thought to myself. “A hug would be nice but I’d rather have words.”

I’ve been feeling rather lost in space lately. Kind of disconnected because I don’t have Kim anymore, I guess. I wanted to feel like my life meant something to someone, so I set that intention out and forgot about it until I got the hug from my Mama. She never hugs! We aren’t an affectionate family.

This manifesting stuff DOES work.

Everyday I’m going to try to manifest something and see what comes. Now if I could only let go of the emotional attachment that I have to my BIGGEST desire, then maybe it will show up.

I’ll continue to practice more and watch…it’ll happen.

And This Christmas Will Be…

My life is a miracle.

Even though today I was crying in the car.

I was crying and crying and crying…

Until I realized the cause of my tears. The radio station was playing those old school Black Christmas Carols like Gee Whiz, It’s Christmas, What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas, Give Love on Christmas Day, Merry Christmas, Baby and This Christmas.

At first I didn’t understand why these songs make me feel so sad until I remembered that every Christmas holiday my Mama played these songs when I was growing up. As soon as Thanksgiving was over, she’s pop in her Christmas tape and…there it was…

Every Christmas the music was the same but every Christmas I noticed that I had changed.

I still feel like that little girl I was way back when I was first exposed to these songs. I still feel like the same ME that looked through those greyish green eyes, except…my body has changed.

I’m still the same person. Isn’t that funny? Over the years we don’t change much. I still feel like I’m 5, 12, 17, 21, 25.

But I’m not.

I’m not a little girl anymore.

I’m a grown-up.

But I’m still looking at the world trying to figure it all out.

I’m still touching the stove to see what will happen.

I’m still evolving.

I’m still laughing, crying and hoping for the best.

And next year… When my Mama pulls out that CD, I’ll be 29 by then.

And I’ll still cry and remember the person I was then and who I am now and know that I will continue to change yet stay the same, every single holiday.

Keep Trying

My life is a miracle.

I’m trying to figure out if it’s just the years of conditioning that has made me a homebody because I was raising my sons, or if it’s just that…I prefer to stay at home alone versus club hopping and hanging in the streets.

Maybe I’m getting too old for that stuff.

Tonight I was supposed to meet up with Marsha for dinner but we missed each other and another UF alum and I rode on down to Wet Willies for a drink. After we ended up in Fat Tuesdays but by midnight we were both tired and ready to go. She’s a youngin, used to partying it up but I barely recognize any of the songs that they play so I may not be all that much fun.

All I kept thinking about was how much I miss my boys.

I called over to their Daddy’s house before I left to meet Marsha and my son told me that his Dad was out of town and that his Dad’s girlfriend was keeping them while he was away.

I wish I could keep them. I wish I could have them all the time like the old days. Though we weren’t too comfortable financially, we were always happy together. I know that I left them with their Dad in search of more stable employment but that didn’t turn out well. I found what I was looking for in different cities but in the end, nothing felt right to me.

I don’t regret any of the decisions that I made. I had a helluva lot of wild experiences and learned so much from every single person that I met.

I was telling my fellow alum not to compare her journey to anyone elses. Since her destination is different from others, she shouldn’t expect that her pace and progress should be the same.

While I was telling her this, I was reinforcing the idea to myself.

That’s one of the reasons why I love to encourage others, it helps me to keep focus because I can’t believe the best for others lives if I don’t believe it for myself.

I had such a full day today. I am exhausted from running around. I did make it to Ft. Lauderdale to meet one of my editors and we had lunch together. I asked him to share his journey with me, his professional journey from hopeful journalist to successful editor and he shared the many steps he took. It seems like in order to succeed in this business you have to be willing to uproot yourself many times and seek out opportunities.

I don’t think I want to do that anymore.

I just..want to have a stable career that allows me to take care of my sons and be a part of thier growth process. When I think of stable career, I don’t even know what I mean. If you don’t take risks, you don’t progress and I’d be miserable living in stagnation. Or would I?

No job opportunities have presented themselves to me. Not even McDonald’s or Walgreens have called me back so I’m guessing that this is a time to re evaluate my path and make some new decisions about my career.

I know that being a magazine editor has been a dream of mine, but I can’t just make it happen. All I can do is continue to stay positive and faithful to my pursuit of my goals and hope for the best.

I’m still manifesting on a daily basis and most of my daily intentions have come to pass quickly. Each morning I ask myself, “What do I want to happen today?” and then I reply with simple requests to the Universe and watch as they appear.

Yesterday I asked for a sincere smile and a happy surprise. I got them both.

Today I asked for my finances to be increased and it happened as I expected. I have so many other expectations for my future and I’m praying (focusing) that they will also come to pass.

All I can do is keep trying and learning from my mistakes.


I Manifested An Angel In a White Tee

My life is a miracle.

Tamara called me tonight.

“Hey girl!,” she said.

“Hollup,” I said. “Let me get off the other line.

When I came back I was so excited to report the news of my latest manifestation.

“Guess what I manifested today?” I asked her.

“Oh Lord…What?”


“Huh? What’s that?”

“You are so lame,” I said.

“I know..What is it?”

“I think it means thug, Prince. After listening to that rapper Plies last week I thought to myself, I’d like to try that.”

“Where’d you meet him?”

“Girl, I was on my way to pick up my boys and I decided to surprise them by cleaning out my car. Just this week I noticed that my tires needed air and I said, ‘I need someone to come take care of all of this.'”

So when I got to the gas station I parked behind a truck in front of the vacuum and went inside to pay for my car wash. As I was paying I heard a voice behind me say, “Did I block you in?”

I turned around and saw the most adorbale smile I’ve seen in a long time. But along with this smile I see a full grill of gold teeth, long dreads tied up in a ponytail and he was wearing a long white tee.

I glanced out the window to see what he was talking about and I realized that he must be the guy with the truck.

“Oh yeah,” I told him. “I’m just waiting to use the vaccum.”

“Do you want me to vaccum your car for you?”

“Yes!,” I said, maybe a little too emphatically.

I was so excited! I had JUST prayed for someone to help me with my car. “I manifested this!” I thought. Wow. I am SUCH a powerful creator!

He smiled at me and followed me outside. I pulled my car up and told him that I needed air in my tires too. He took care of all of that and then we turned to face each other.

Hmmm..He’s a cutie.

“Thank you! You’re an angel,” I told him.

“So, I bet you have a boyfriend,” he said.

“Hmm…I have a dream,” I responded.

“Well, I bet you don’t have room in your dream for a new friend, huh?”

I looked him up and down, noticing how even at the gas station, his clothes were nice and crisp, his line-up was precise and he seemed to be in shape. I had never dealt with a guy who looked like this before but I was excited to see what would happen. I thought of Anna and how she used to gush about her THUG PASSION.

“I can make room for a new friend,” I told him and took his number.

After a long, long day of wrestling with my boys at the park and a little Christmas shopping, I was all out of money and very tired. As I drove back home after dropping them off I re inforced to myself how this manifestation thing works.

When I casually express a desire and then..just forget about it, it always shows up within a few days. Those desires that I worry about and meditate on, don’t show up until the very last minute that I need them to.

I need to remember that everything that I ask for, is already given, so I don’t need to keep praying about it and stressing over it because that will delay the process. I need to stop blocking the process by worrying about if it will happen.

“Oh, I have dated 3 of those,” Tamara said, referring to the GOON in question. “They are usually very nice and are used to women asking for things so when you don’t ask, they do more.”

“Do I have to change anything about myself,” I asked.

“No. That’s the thing. You can be who you are and they like that. If you want to act a fool in the club, they’ll just laugh. They are even more impressed when you are being who you are. I’ll tell you one thing though. Those guys are the most difficult to walk away from because you keep telling yourself that he’s not your type and you shouldn’t even be liking him like that but then you look at him and think, ‘But there’s something about him. I don’t know what..’ Then you get caught up.”

“I’m going to call him,” I told her. “See what’s up with him.”

And I did.

“Hey Angel,” I greeted him when he answered the phone. “This is Ms. Tee.”

“Oh yeah. What’s up with you?”

“I’m tired but I decided to say thanks again for being an angel today. What have you been doing?”

“Nothing but thinking about you all day.”

“Aww..That’s sweet.”

“I’m for real. There’s something about you. You have such a good spirit. When can I see you again?”

“Well..hopefully soon.”